Sujiara 3kg

Quality of photos for now won’t be so good, but planning on buying decent waterproof camera and action camera for video, sadly already missed quite few interesting moments. Like my first shark which i got totally by accident on a 200g Shimano┬áinchiku lure around 120m depth. Hook pierced it’s tail, but thanks to this, releasing was simple and safe. I think it was thresher shark, really long tail, around 10-15kg.

First time went to opposite side of Iojima on my Hobie Revolution 13, it’s not really far, around 5.5km from starting point. Tide currents are rather strong here, i still don’t know ocean well enough to risk going in less than perfect conditions. But with more practice and more safety gear i will explore my limits more.


In next post i will go over my starting gear and mistakes i did, it’s sure better to take time selecting, than regretting latter!