My first fishing gear choices and advice.

Before we moved to Iojima i didn’t have much experience with saltwater fishing, few times i went to fish with cheap basic gear and it was inland sea. Before moving we researched quite a bit and i was expecting already amazing place for fishing, but it beat even my highest expectations.

So, what kind of advice a novice in saltwater fishing can give? Most important, don’t rush with buying first gear you think is decent. There are plenty of options in almost any price range. I wanted to start fishing fast, so my decision was a bit rushed.

My first mistake was that i didn’t seriously consider how harsh saltwater environment is. Budget was of course quite limited and i didn’t use it well. While i’m happy with my choice of rod for shore jigging, Shimano Salty Advance S906MH 2.89m, good price, light, strong enough and guides don’t show any signs of rust in 10 month of shore and kayak fishing. We also have an active volcano here which constantly leaks gases that accelerate rusting (this was the only big surprise, i didn’t know just HOW much faster everything will start rusting here).

Shimano Nasci 4000HG was a big disappointment, it’s light, drag is smooth, but it’s weak to water, not only saltwater. All it takes just a bit of rain or wave splashing on it to make it really stiff. Since saltwater gets on reel i have to wash it all the time with freshwater, which makes things even worse. Already had to apply several times oil and grease. If i had a chance to choose again i would either buy cheap reel, little bit bigger and heavier or right away got decent reel with proper bearing sealing and more suitable for saltwater. And NOT Shimano. Not like their reels are bad, but when looking from a limited budget viewpoint, price to performance ratio is certainly not best. Although if weight and size is important it might become a bit different story.

Next i’ll talk about PE braided lines.

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