My first Greater amberjack!

Or so i think it’s called in english. I’m still far from remembering names of all local fish species, especially in Japan most fish have many different names depends on size and region.

The more i learn, the more saltwater fishing becomes fun. It’s packed with action and fish is tasty. The size is certainly not record-breaking, but i got really excited over my first Greater amberjack. It was a fun battle, i still had only light fishing gear that i got for land based fishing. Second most interesting fish of the day is Pigface bream, again i’m not so sure about name, only what i could find on the internet. In Japan common names are Taman or Hamafuefuki.

  • Rod: Shimano Salty Advance S906MH 2.89m
  • Reel: Shimano Nasci 4000HG
  • PE: Kastking 20lb
  • Leader: 30lb noname fluorocarbon
  • Lure: 80g slow wide butterfly type pink jig

Greater amberjack 4.5kg and pigface bream 4kg. My face is kinda funny here, way too difficult to keep eyes open in bright light 🙂


Greater amberjack and Pigface bream

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