Personal record! 11.3kg, Medai or pacific barrelfish

Right after work went for short fishing session and got this ‘monster’ hooked 🙂 Was fun and intense fight, especially since i had to close down my drag completely and drag it out as fast as possible. Letting fish run even little bit meant a high risk of cutting the line by rocks. Depth changes really quickly, from 80m point to 10m is literally within 20-30m. I had it happen already few times and never will know, who ate my jig and pulled my rod so hard, that reel almost hit the water 🙂

  • Rod: Abu Garcia SS PRM Skid Shaft SPSC-79H/250
  • Reel: PENN Squal SQL40LDLH
  • PE: Kastking 65lb
  • Leader: Duel Yo-Zuri 22# 75lb
  • Lure: 120g slow type drag jig, pink blue (nothing special, really, price ~3USD)

Local name of the fish is Tarume, more know it as Medai. From what i could find, english name is Pacific barrelfish. Weight 11.3kg!

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