SaltyPoint was born because me and few other local fishermen want to share their passion with others. We are living surrounded by rich ocean, which gives lots of opportunities for fishing. Be it short fishing session before or after work or full day in the ocean far away from the island, it’s all here and what most important… we can fish almost every day!

Most fishing will take place in Japan, Kagoshima, Mishima-mura, Iojima island. Mishima-mura stretches over 3 islands, Takeshima, Iojima and Kuroshima. As of now little bit over 400 people living on all 3 islands. Iojima and Takeshima are on the edge of old giant volcanic caldera, so the ocean depth can change really rapidly. From 5-10m to 200-300m depth within few hundred meters. It’s not only rich, but also challenging environment. It’s easy to loose fish and lures here, if not careful and well prepared.

Join us on our fishing adventure and share with us your thoughts and experience, perhaps some new techniques can be born this way!



I’m not native english speaker, so there will be mistakes there and here, some sentences might sound weird. If you spot something, please kindly let me know using contact form.