Short introduction of SaltyPoint contributors. 



Oleg Vinokurov

Born in Estonia and often staying in Russia with relatives when i was small. As far as i can remember my father was always taking me fishing with him and i got absorbed in this hobby myself, but never got really serious about it. I’ve gone fishing in various locations, but it was always freshwater. Catching fish was fun, but eating it not so much.

I didn’t go fishing often even after moving to Japan, where i was living before Mishima-mura fish was not exactly that good either and i had more interesting ways to spend free time. But once i moved to Mishima-mura i once again got absorbed in fishing and realized that if i can enjoy eating fish i catch, fishing becomes twice as fun! Fishing in Mishima-mura became not only fun, but also quite useful hobby. Now we often eat fish i catch for dinner and our kids are quite happy about it, especially my youngest son, who is big fan of sashimi.