Contributors page added

I’ve added contributors page and will update soon with short profiles from local fishermen. Will be more easy to follow someone specific. Gear and tool reviews also coming! First probably i will write about my Hobie Revolution 13 (2015 model) kayak experience.

My saltwater fishing journey begins!

How i ended up in Mishima-mura is rather long story, few details where from i am and why i moved to Japan in about page. My last fishing experience was over 10 years ago and back in my home country. I often went fishing with my father to nearby lakes and rivers, so it was a bit of a challenge to start all over again! I’ll be going in more details in future posts on how i caught up with local fishermen and went my own way.

I will also post stories, tips and guides, photos and videos from local fishermen, both amateurs and pros. Ocean surrounding Misimima-mura  is really rich even by Japanese standards!

Here are few photos to start: